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The Before Bed foot soak routine.

This easy routine to do before bed will help ground you for a more peaceful sleep. If you are having trouble letting go of the thoughts of the day, or worries or troubles, this routine used in conjunction with other measures like Abdominal Breathing and Meditation can work wonders.

The theory behind this routine is that the warm/hot water brings our attention into our feet, grounding us and bringing us "out of our heads". The water soothes and relaxes us (similar to how we bathe the baby who isn't settling). Doing this consistently whilst going through a stressful period will help build a "sleep routine"- which tells the body that it is time for sleep and rejuvenation.


  1. A tub that will hold water to above the level of your ankle bones.

  2. Hot water- as hot as is comfortable, not scorching.

  3. Epsom/Magnesium Salts, or if none Himalayan Table Salt- 1 Dessert spoon.

  4. Timer (you can use your phone, but have a gentle notification if possible)

  5. Towel (for drying your feet) and maybe another to put under the tub.


Place your phone on Do Not Disturb. You may activate some relaxing music for whilst you are doing this.

Fill the tub with the warm/hot water to just above ankle height. Add the Salt ( Epsom/ Magnesium or Himalayan Table).

Place your tub in front of a chair, towel underneath the tub if necessary.

Activate your timer for 10 minutes.

*It is now time to PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN*

Place feet in the tub and close your eyes. Feel the water. Bring your attention to the warmth of the water around your feet. Feel the warmth soaking into your feet.

Whilst you are relaxing, you can do a 10 minute meditative reflection on the day, noting the POSITIVES that happened (they did happen! you may need to look a little ). Feel gratitude for those moments. Pick the BEST moment and linger in that grateful space.

When the timer signals 10 minutes have passed. Gently come back to the present, dry your feet, check your morning alarm and head to bed. No more checking apps on your phone or screen time, BED!!

Sleep well!


Has this method helped you develop a positive and effective sleep 💤 routine? Let us know your thoughts 💭 in the comments below ⬇️.

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