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You. Unlimited.

Soulinspire - the origin story

Soulinspire originated as a conceptual Oriental energetic medicine practice headed by Dr. Caitlyn Brightmon (TCM). In it original incarnation Soulinspire offered its clients general wellbeing advice and solutions that could be incorporated into the clients busy life enabling them to achieve optimal health. This was done through Dr. Brightmon (TCM) offering a wide range of modalities and holistic therapy options to the client to develop a tailored solution.

Education has always been at the heart of Soulinspire and for Dr. Brightmon (TCM). Informing and educating the client and the community so they are empowered to be in control of their health and wellness was key to success. Dr Brightmon (TCM) would always joke "my clients don't come back because they're better, which isn't great for money making". Whilst said in jest, there were truths to this statement, Soulinspire clients do always get amazing results and more often than not will quickly reduce the frequency of their appointments as they are no longer needed.

2020 - The turning point

2020 saw many changes in the local and global community and provided an opportunity for people to re-evaluate. This too was true for Dr. Brightmon (TCM) and the direction that Soulinspire was headed. There were many changes both in business and personal life and the decision had to be made to either fold to the pressure or push through and uncover the higher calling within. And so at the beginning of 2021 a new chapter was started, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a new life has been breathed into Soulinspire. Lead by inspiration and much self learning, the potentials and opportunities of the future are unlimited, and so, Soulinspire is reborn.

Soulinspire - You. Unlimited. - the present, the future and beyond

Today, we are on a journey to new heights, Dr. Caitlyn Brightmon (TCM) is now joined at the helm by youngest child Alex Merlo. Soulinspire is growing into a global business, our goal and intention is to see millions of people all over the world unlock their truest and highest expression of themselves and live their greatest life.


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Co-Founder | Chief Practitioner

Caitlyn believes we exist in a world of resonance where sound and the physical universe are different frequencies of the same energy. Her background in the Complementary Health industry reaches back to 1994, where, inadvertently she was guided into training that focused on the vital force, or Qi and its nourishments of the individual. Caitlyn has also trained in Nursing and comes from a family with a medical background.

An interest in Oriental Philosophy and a profound resonance during her first Acupuncture treatment has finally led her to study Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), where she finds previous modalities studied are splinters of the 5,000 year old, yet still current, healing methods of TCM. Acutonics® Integrative Medicine also consolidates this belief.

A mother of 3 and Grandmother of 4, Caitlyn's passions are family oriented as well as a special interest in animals and the environment.

As well as all the learning and training over the years as listed below, Dr. Brightmon (TCM) has completed training and is AHPRA registered as a practicing Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbal Dispenser and Chinese Herbal Practitioner, this puts Dr. Brightmon (TCM) in elite standing as she holds certification in all three areas of Chinese Medicine.


  • 2021 - Mindvalley and Evercoach Certified Holobody Coach

  • 2021 - Accelerated Coaching Certification - Authentic Education

  • 2020 - Masters of Applied Science (Chinese Herbal Medicine) - RMIT University

  • 2017 - Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) - Endeavour College of Natural Health

  • 2016 - Advance Diploma of Homoeopathy - Endeavour College of Natural Health

  • 2016 - Diploma of Chinese Theraputic Massage (An Mo Tui Na) - ASIS

  • 2002 - Advance Diploma of Homoeopathy - Southbank Institute of TAFE

  • 1998 - Cert IV Touch for Health - Academy of Natural Health

  • 1995 - Cert IV Bowen Technique - Academy of Natural Health

  • 1995 - Cert IV Remedial Massage - Academy of Natural Health

Membership Registrations/Organisations:

  • Australian Register of Homoeopaths

  • Chinese Medicine Board of Australia

  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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Co-Founder | Transformational Coach

Alex's interest include personal development, performing arts, animals, technology and more. Throughout her life this diverse range of interests had left Alex sometimes unable to workout what she wanted to pursue or dedicate her life too.

Professionally Alex has worked in a supermarket, insurance and banking as well as always having a hand in the small natural therapies business that her mother Dr. Caitlyn Brightmon (TCM) started. This included learning some of the modalities, sales and marketing and technical support.

After many years searching for the one thing Alex wanted to spend the rest of her lives doing it finally dawned on her that she had been doing it this whole time. Helping people get the results they wanted in life. Alex has had the great honour over the years of helping people overcome trauma, create success in business, discover who they truly are and want to be and live more authentic lives.

Today, Alex takes this one step further by applying the years of personal growth and development teachings, formal Results Coaching training and passion for seeing others succeed and bring this all to the table as Co-Founder and primary Transformational Results Coach at Soulinspire, working with clients both locally in Australia as well as across the globe. Alex continues to learn and grow every day, looking for new practices, techniques and concepts that will help her clients achieve greatness in whatever form it looks like to them. Alex also works closely with Dr. Brightmon (TCM) to develop and create dynamic, thought provoking and life transforming programs.


2022 - Certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (RTTP)

2022 - Certified Hypnotherapist

2021 - Mindvalley and Evercoach Certified Holobody Coach

2021 - Accelerated Coaching Certification - Authentic Education

2016 - Diploma of Screen and Media (Acting for Film) - New York Film Academy

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