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What we do

We show up for you, our clients. We open up a space to create possibilities or show you the possibilities that lie ahead. Then we support you in approaching and creating these possibilities and live the life you always wanted.

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Coach/Consultant/Therapist, what's the difference?

A coach is someone who helps you imagine a greater possibility for yourself and then supports you in achieving it. That is what we do, that is what coaching is and does.
Coaching is sometimes confused with other professions such as Consultancy or Therapy.
Consultancy is the art of looking at analytical data and being able to make recommendations to clients in achieving a particular result or solving a particular problem. Consultancy has helped businesses for decades.
Therapy helps people deal with past life trauma, aiming to create behavioural change working with the life events of the client. It deals with phobias and dysfunctional behaviours, addictions and such.
So whilst coaching is not specifically consultancy or therapy, it can borrow elements from them. A coach is not required to be a therapist or psychological expert or an analytical genius.
Coaching focuses on the future. Your future. It opens a conversation about the possibilities that lie in the future. It works with you in being able to see this possibility and uses your talent as the client to create a path to reach this possibility and then the coach further helps you make it a reality. This is done through various techniques and processes incorporating EMDR, NLP, Neuroscience, Meditation and elements of consulting, training and therapeutic modalities.
Your coach is sometimes a teacher who will share philosophical insight through metaphors, stories, and case studies to inspire insight and positive action in your mind. Your coach is sometimes a consultant who will ask questions and ask you to go deeper to be able to find that path that will take you from your current reality to the possibility that lies ahead of you. Your coach is sometimes a therapist who inspires behavioural change so you can keep making progress to create a better future for yourself.

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