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We're Moving!

It is with heavy hearts that we notify all of our Sydney based clients that Soulinspire, after 10 incredible years, is relocating to Queensland. We would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has made our time here so special. It is you, our clients, that inspire us to keep doing what we do and make each day a joy to work with people to improve their health, wellness and life.

But this isn't goodbye.

The next chapter for Soulinspire has already begun with the introduction of our Transformational Results Facilitation, Online Workshops/Events/Programs and we will continue to expand our offerings in 2022 with 10X Fitness Coaching (which can be done remotely) and RTT® (Rapid Transformational Therapy). So don't be a stranger and keep an eye on what's going on. I you haven't already, make sure you subscribe to our mailing list below so we can keep in touch and keep you in the loop.

We will soon be operational with our new clinic for "in person" services in Yarrabilba.  


Soulinspire offers a series of complementary and alternative medical services designed to heal the entire human body and unlock the strength of self-healing. All of our treatments are sure to make you feel energized, happy and calm. Our team is well experienced and passionate about restoring people back to their healthy lives. Let us help you begin your healing process.


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With a Soulinspire Results Coach you will go from where you are now to where you want to be.
We show up for our clients, we open up a space for you to create or see possibilities that lie ahead for you. We then support you in approaching and achieving these possibilities and living the life you have always wanted.
We utilise the talent of you, the client, to create a path to your goals and help you make them a reality. This is done through various techniques that are based on therapeutic practices, consulting practices and training practices as well as EMDR, NLP, Neuroscience and Meditation.
Whether your goals are personal, career/business, family or health, a Soulinspire Results coach can help you create the results you want.


Traditional Chinese Medicine

CMBA Reg no: CMR0002083215
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the oldest healing practices in the world, with a recorded history dating back thousands of years and still maintains a place in contemporary health care.
When you are no longer performing optimally due to poor diet, stress, overwork, trauma or illness, you can be restored back to balance & harmony with 1or more of the 5 branches of TCM- acupuncture, tui na, herbal or dietary therapy and exercise therapy.  TCM is a holistic system of Primary health care used by millions around the world


harmonic medicine

Offering Bowmor Bowen Therapy, Homoeopathy, Harmonic medicine (Acutonics®) and Reiki.
We are all energetic beings made up of different energy frequencies. Using Laws of resonance in varying forms you will be gently restored back to balance, leaving you refreshed and invigorated.



Our select range of products are offered to enhance your experience with Soulinspire. Artisan crafted ear seeds to prolong the effects of a treatment, skincare to fight the signs of ageing and help you glow and a range of natural creams and unguents based on traditional Chinese herbal formulations to soothe and pamper your skin.
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Working from Home

Become educated and transform your mindset with our online events and training.
Events and trainings are periodically held throughout the year and delivered online for your convenience.
Register your interest today to stay updates on when our next event will be held.


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These articles will help you spark critical reflection and discussion while expanding your outlook on the world around you.


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