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SoulSEEDS™ for home use - easy, safe and beautiful

In Chinese Medicine, the ear is one of the areas of the body considered a representation of the whole body (others being the hand, foot, abdomen and iris of the eye). On the ear, there are many pressure points that correspond to areas of the body and brain. Applying pressure to one or a few of these points, with electrical stimulation, needling or pressure from a seed activates the point.

First used to support health and well-being, acupuncturists now use ear seeds as either a compliment to an acupuncture treatment or even as a stand alone treatment. However, they are also safe and easy to do at home. Points are chosen according to whatever therapeutic benefit needed, and are applied using tweezers. SoulSEEDS™ come with an instruction booklet outlining points used for nine common conditions (Wellbeing, Headache, Insomnia, Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Weight Control, Pain, Detoxification)*. Where the point is marked on the ear diagram in the brochure, you have some leeway, as the actual point is an area being targeted. Whilst traditionally, ear seeds were seeds from the vaccaria plant adhered with elastoplast, SoulSEEDS™ use silver or gold pellets, some with Swarovski crystals attached- giving the look of a constellation of earrings.

Unlike auricular acupuncture, using a needle to stimulate the ear point for ten - thirty minutes, ear seeds provide gentler stimulation over a longer time. They can work on their own or can be stimulated by gently pressing on them for about 20 seconds each for added benefit. They are surprisingly resilient, lasting through showering for up to three to five days. If they haven't fallen off after 5 days it is recommended to remove them to avoid desensitising the point and can be reapplied after 24hours. Deciding on which protocol, and cleaning the ear with an alcohol swab if needed, take the SoulSEED™ off its paper with tweezers, and place on the designated corresponding point on the ear. You can press it with your fingertip for adherence. Whilst in clinic, I generally needle one ear and seed the other, for home use, place on both ears for maximum benefit.

To remove: tip your head on the side, and the ear facing down, scrape off the SoulSEED™ with your fingertips.

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SoulSEEDS™. Beauty and Therapy combined.

This article is for information purposes only, even if and regardless of whether it features the advice of physicians or health practitioners. This article is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

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