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6 Phase Meditation

This amazing meditation by Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley is what I personally practice every morning.

The meditation is divided into 6 phases, or segments:

  1. Love, where after we cultivate a feeling of love, we grow and spread it through our dwelling (and inhabitants), to our community, and ultimately the planet and all upon it.

  2. Gratitude: first for something that happened within the last few days, then something in our workplace, and finally gratitude for aspects of ourself.

  3. Forgiveness: this can be for something minor or larger. Carrying negative feelings toward someone only hurts ourselves, so by letting it go (and it may take more than one session!) we can be free to grow.

  4. A Vision of our Future: here we envision the future we want for ourselves, 3 years hence. It has been found that we can overestimate our vision for 1 year, yet underestimate what we can achieve in 3 years.

  5. Our Perfect Day: by Future Segmenting, we envision our day as if it unfolds perfectly. That commute to work has no traffic hassles, our meetings go effortlessly, our evening is peaceful, happy and relaxed culminating in a wonderful, healthy good night's sleep. It has been shown that by doing this exercise, we focus on the positives of the day, and glide over any bumps giving us a more positive view of life.

  6. The Blessing: Blessing ourselves, either by our personal Godhead, or even ourselves if agnostic has been shown to seal positive thoughts.

Vishen Lakhiani started his career in personal growth as a meditation teacher and is continuously updating his practices in an amongst running the largest personal learning platform in the world.

Below you will find two versions of the 6 Phase Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani. The first is a more recent recording from Vishen, the latest evolution you might say.

The second is a recording from 2017 that also features Binaural Beats (best experienced with headphones on) to help stimulate the deeper brainwave frequencies therefore aiding in you moving into a meditative state.

I hope you like this meditation. Please leave a comment with your 6 phase experience.


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