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Sleeptime Therapy®
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*While Sleeptime Therapy® has shown positive results, it is essential to consult with a qualified healthcare professional before incorporating any therapeutic approach, especially for those with pre-existing medical conditions. Our services are designed to complement, not replace, traditional medical care. Sleeptime Therapy is not suitable for those diagnosed or exhibiting symptoms of schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolar or epilepsy. We recommend you contact a licensed and registered medical practitioner who specialises in this area.

The Sleeptime Library offers support for a range of care categories to help with challenges and struggles that are common with the associated age group. This may include specific issues like nightmares or insomnia through to a more broad selection of symptoms such as those often associated with ADHD, stress, grief etc.

Each care category within the Sleeptime Library addresses common symptoms, therefore we encourage you to review the Sleeptime Library and identify the care category that is best suited to your needs or desired outcome. We endeavour to offer a wide selection of care categories for each age range so that most people can benefit from Sleeptime Therapy®.

Below are just some of the areas of care that Sleeptime Therapy® currently offer or are actively working on adding to the Sleeptime Library. If any of the below are applicable to you then Sleeptime Therapy® may offer relief from symptoms, aid in rewiring the neural connection to accelerate your personal growth, shift your mindset and perspective and motivate you from the inside out to generate the results and success you desire in life.

For Sleeptime Therapy® for Children:

  • Children with symptoms commonly associated with ADHD

  • Children who struggle with anxiety or nervousness

  • Children who have nightmares or bad dreams

  • Children who struggle to control or understand their emotions

  • Children who need a boost to their immunity

coming soon...

  • Children who struggle with being away from their parents

  • Children who are impatient

  • Children who have irrational fear

  • Children who are sad or show signs of depression

  • Children who show signs of anger

  • Children who have difficulty sleeping

  • Children who are stressed or require general relaxation

  • Children who have low self-esteem

  • Children who have a negative body image

  • Children who have feelings of shame

  • Children struggling with feelings of guilt

  • Children who feel they are not in control

For Sleeptime Therapy® for Adults (coming soon):

  • Insomnia

  • Focus

  • Stress Relief and Resilience

  • Pain management / reduce pain

  • Quit smoking

  • Intuitive eating (moderate and healthy eating behaviours)

  • Grief / heartache

  • Peak performance

  • Symptoms of depression

  • Fertility (women and men)

  • Immunity boost

  • Cell restoration

  • Energy recharge (healing shower of light)

  • Phenomenal confidence

  • Phenomenal communication

  • Freedom from fear of success

  • Powerful, Positive, Phenomenal self image, self love and self respect

  • Discovering who you are

For Sleeptime Therapy® for Teens (coming soon):

  • Positive self image

  • Resilience to stress (exam stress)

  • Phenomenal memory

  • Incredible communication skills

  • Navigating emotions

  • Phenomenal coping skills (embracing change)

  • and much more...

As you can see there are many areas where Sleeptime Therapy® can assist you, your children, family and friends on your journey to create an incredible life.

Personalised Sleeptime Therapy® Activations

While we endeavour to provide an option to address you needs you might find that you require a personalised Sleeptime Therapy® audio activation to get the greatest result and acceleration in your area of concern. Personalised recordings are available for a seperate, one off fee. If this is something you are seeking please contact us by emailing for more information.

Sleeptime Therapy® for Children
offers a
 growing Library of Unique Stories

Lovingly written to encourage and empower young minds

  • Sleeptime Therapy® - monthly plan

    Every month
    Sleeptime Therapy® can create lasting, positive change in your child’s life while they sleep.
     7 day free trial
    • -Monthly Access-
    • The complete Sleeptime Therapy® for Children library:
    • a library of Sleeptime Stories to ease children into sleep
    • complete with a range of proprietary transformations
    • Coming soon… Sleeptime Therapy® for Adults
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