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How to use
Sleeptime Therapy®

Sleeptime Therapy® was designed to be as easy to use as possible. No harder than queuing a video on YouTube or playing a song in Spotify. It has also been designed to have cumulative results. Ultimately, the more you use it, the deeper and more permanent the mind transformation will be.

*Please do not use Sleeptime Therapy® anywhere people are operating machinery (including driving) as it may encourage any listeners into a less attentive state.

When Should I use Sleeptime Therapy®?

Sleeptime Therapy® can be used when going to bed, having a nap or any other time during the day. The reality is, it works just as well if you are awake as it does when you're asleep.

For parents we find that Sleeptime Therapy® for Children is a great companion at bed time as your children will look forward to listing to their evening Sleeptime Story. It is also a fantastic refresher or booster for an afternoon nap be it at home or within a childcare centre.

Many of the Sleeptime Activations are a suitable length to include in your lunch break at work if you want to freshen up for that second half of the day.

How to access Sleeptime Therapy®?

Once you sign up and subscribe to Sleeptime Therapy® you will be able to access the Sleeptime Libraries included with your subscription.


To access Sleeptime Therapy®'s activation libraries you have 2 options.

  1. Log into via web browser to and got to "my programs" under the members menu (top of page)

  2. Download the Spaces by WIX app (link below) and navigate to the "programs/events" tab

Click here to download the Spaces by WIX app.

*Please see video guides below. (Click here)

How should I use Sleeptime Therapy®?

For use with your children simply follow your normal routine to prepare your child for sleep and then once they are in bed open the Sleeptime Library (either through your web browser or the Spaces by WIX app) and select the desired story from the relevant care category.

Press play and let the story and mind transformation unfold.

If you choose to leave your child alone you may leave your phone in a safe space or we suggest connecting to a bluetooth speaker in their room.

Alternatively you may remain in the room with them while the therapy occurs. Once complete you may allow your child to continue sleeping until they wake. If they have not gone to sleep you may follow your normal routine or select another story from the Sleeptime Library.


*Remember that your child doesn't have to go to sleep for it to work. In most cases your child will drift of to sleep throughout the story or activation however sometimes they may remain awake for the entire process. The wonderful thing about children is that they are predominately in a brainwave state that allows this rewiring to occur without needing to do anything specific. There is no limit to how much you or or child can listen to however increased use will not always accelerate results.

We recommend continuing to listen to one care category for at least 3 weeks so that the transformation from that category has an opportunity to really wire in to their subconscious. From here you can move to a different care category or if your child is still experiencing challenges in that area you can continue using that care category.

It's that simple!

For users in older age groups you can simply use your phone or table to access the Sleeptime Library and either have it play from the device or connect a speaker. We recommend placing your device at least 1 metre away from your head. We do not recommend wearing headphones as these may affect the quality of your sleep however if you have suitable headphone that you find comfortable to wear you are welcome to use these.

What does the future hold for Sleeptime Therapy®?

We have big plans for Sleeptime Therapy as we continue to grow. Some highlights include:

  • Have Sleeptime Therapy® available in languages other than English.

  • Introducing Sleeptime Therapy® in childcare centres so that nap-time can be a time for growth and empowerment that leaves the children happy and peaceful for friendly afternoon play and a harmonious evening at home.

  • A dedicated Sleeptime Therapy app that will allow you to more easily access the Sleeptime Library from anywhere including without internet access.

  • Having the Sleeptime Stories in print version so that your children can enjoy the stories any time.

  • Sleeptime Companions so that you child can drift off to sleep snuggling their favourite Sleeptime Character.

How can I help spread the word?

We are so thankful to our incredible customers wanting to share the power of Sleeptime Therapy® with their friends and family.

By providing feedback on your experience, liking and sharing our social media content, telling friends, family and other parents about us or asking your childcare centre to introduce Sleeptime Therapy® you will help us grow and transform more lives globally.

Our mission is to transform the lives of 100 million people globally. It's a bold mission but we believe that it is absolutely possible and will have an incredible and positive impact on the world.

*Please note that Sleeptime Therapy® is available globally however in currently only recorded in English.

Video tutorials: how to access your Sleeptime Therapy® library

How to access Sleeptime Therapy - tutorials
SleetimeTherapy® for Children banner.png

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