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Try Sleeptime Therapy® for yourself with our full length activations below.

Listen to a full Sleeptime Therapy® for Children recording for Emotional Balance here.

Johnny The Worried Wombat for Emotional BalanceAlexandra Merlo

Listen to a full Sleeptime Therapy® for Adults recording for Self  here.

Sleeptime Therapy® for Adults: Self Love/Respect/WorthAlexandra Merlo
  • Sleeptime Therapy® - monthly plan

    Every month
    Sleeptime Therapy® can create lasting, positive change in your child’s life while they sleep.
     7 day free trial
    • -Monthly Access-
    • The complete Sleeptime Therapy® for Children library:
    • a library of Sleeptime Stories to ease children into sleep
    • complete with a range of proprietary transformations
    • Coming soon… Sleeptime Therapy® for Adults
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