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What is
Sleeptime Therapy®?

An origin story.

Created by Alexandra Merlo (co-founder of Soulinspire®) Sleeptime Therapy®, at its core, is a simple yet powerful tool that can help to rewire the brain to overcome challenges, limitations and struggles.

Built on the groundbreaking foundation of Neuroplasticity (the ability of neural networks in the brain to change through growth and reorganisation) it combines the power of neuroscience, NLP, Hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, CBT, and  subconscious programming.

The inspiration for Sleeptime Therapy® came from Alex's work with children and the need to have a safe therapy options that was accessible, affordable and provided an element of engagement where children would invite it into their life with openness. This is why for Sleeptime Therapy® for Children we added the magic of story telling to create a soothing and safe way for young minds to subconsciously elevate and overcome struggles that not only hold them back in their youth but can often lead to more sever and limiting conditions later in life.

Sounds great, but where did Sleeptime Therapy® as we know it begin?

Alexandra Merlo has worked with people all across the globe through her various modalities of RTT®, Hypnotherapy, and Coaching in various areas of speciality. She has helped individuals as well as worked with groups, with a sole intention of facilitating powerful, positive and lasting change within her clients.

It was after working with a few of her clients children that Alex's attention was drawn to an enormous gap in our current care system. When working with these children Alex recognised that not only were these young minds not suited to sitting for long periods of time, they were also not receptive to listening to a stranger who didn't understand them and they most certainly didn't feel comfortable or safe in a strange environment.

So what did she do?

On consultation with the children's parents Alex compiled a list of characters and themes that the child was familiar with and enjoyed. From here she created a customised story and incorporated hypnotherapy and NLP to instil relevant lessons, beliefs and thoughts that would be absorbed by the Childs subconscious mind as they listened, guiding the parents to play the recording as the child drifted off to sleep.

The results were inspiring. One such client (4 years old) had been struggling to make friends and was experiencing aggressive outbursts due to not being able to understand and communicate his feelings. He moved to a place where he was able to share what he was feeling, get the support he needed and cultivate peaceful friendships and play. This was life changing not only for the young boy but also for his parents and brother. Even their dogs were calmer.

This and similar stories inspired Alex to develop a solution that could be accessible and affordable to all. It was important that affordability remain at the forefront as cost was a gatekeeper for so many to access good care for their children. So many parents want to help their little ones but are restricted due to not qualifying for support or having to wait for all too limited openings.

Initially, a writer friend suggested reading bedtime stories and posting them on YouTube, however Alex knew that to address deeper issues it would need a more focussed approach. Not only that, but if we had stories that addressed specific issues, children without those specific issues would miss out on hearing some of the stories.

Alex has been tirelessly tinkering away with different iterations which has ultimately led to the version you see today that is ready to be delivered to the world. Sleeptime Therapy® is made up of two main components each combining the power of neuroscience and neuroplasticity, NLP, hypnotherapy and more. The first part is the Sleeptime Library of stories, each written in house, centring around native Australian animals. As a passionate animal lover and custodian and adoptive fur mum of 3 pure dingoes, Alex realised that she had abundant inspiration right in her backyard for a series of stories that would inspire, empower and gently guide young minds into a deeply relaxed state. The second component is the Mind Transformation Recording. This is where the deeper change-work for each seperate challenge or struggle will take place. Most commonly the child will be asleep during this phase yet the subconscious mind is still active and listening. Taking advantage of the relaxed and open state of the brain, the empowering statements in the transformative recording or Activation as we call it, are able to penetrate deep into the mind and rewire from the inside out.

Immediately Alex knew that the Activations that she was creating could be adapted very easily to work for listeners of all ages for challenges and issues relative to these individual groups. This is why Sleeptime Therapy® has expanded to offer sub categories specific to different stages in life including:

Sleeptime Therapy® for Children

Sleeptime Therapy® for Adults

coming soon - Sleeptime Therapy® for Teens

and we are not stopping there.

Sleeptime Therapy® will continue to expand into areas where it is needed such as for new and expectant parents, infants, childcare centres, the elderly etc.

It is early days and the future is exciting. So join us in Transforming While You Sleep.


"He makes friends everywhere. He's so aware of his emotions."
SleetimeTherapy® for Children banner.png

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